'The Album Formerly Known As Record' is out now! Take a listen HERE

  It's a new approach to the constant changing sound that is our train wreck...shit, band. 

"The Album Formerly Known as Record may be one of the finest releases the music scene has seen in recent memory"

"Stillwater...It’s the kind of song that can carry an album..."

"Whatever I say will not  do the experience of listening to their music justice"

"JaggerMouth. really is a band that adds up to more than a sum of its sounds."

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"JaggerMouth has maintained a high level of musicianship, and the new album only finds the band's talent expanding." - Jeff Taylor .

"Plastering in that buzz saw addition to electric guitar which could easily be fueled by a small engine (translation) JaggerMouth does not stop." - Indiemunity 

"This album is a line of coke." - Sad but true reviews 

"I ‘unquestionably’ see this thriving rock band really captivating the ear rock catalogs of true and spirited music rollers all around our globe" - FORKSTER 


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